Shortcuts in the tool bar

1.icon_load 'Molecules' opens the dialog window for selecting the structure files;
2.icon_descriptors 'Descriptors' opens the dialog window for selecting/calculating molecular descriptors;
3.icon_add_variables 'External variables' opens the window for loading user-defined variables;
4.icon_worksheet 'View results' opens the worksheet that displays the values of the calculated molecular descriptors;
5.icon_save 'Export' opens the window for saving the calculated descriptors;
6.icon_view_molecule 'Viewer' opens the molecule viewer;
7.icon_statistics 'Statistics' opens the window for univariate statistics and charts;
8.icon_correlation 'Correlations' opens the window to analyse correlations among descriptors;
9.icon_pca 'PCA' opens the window to perform Principal Component Analysis on the calculated molecular descriptors.