Dragon licenses

Dragon is released with different commercial and academic licenses:


Single License: Dragon can be run only on the central processing unit originally designated for installation.


Site License: Dragon may be run or accessed by any computer at the specific location to which Dragon is delivered, but may not be accessed from remote sites.


Permanent License: the term of the license is perpetual. For a period of one year from software delivery, Talete srl will provide maintenance services.


Rent License: the term of the license is annual. Talete srl will provide both maintenance services and update services. Thereafter, upon payment of the renewal fee by Licensee, the term of the license will be provided for twelve-month period.


Talete srl issues academic license for non-commercial use only. Academic license is intended only for Universities. Academic license is intended only for any research from which any resulting intellectual property remains in the public domain.


Read the Dragon license agreement for further details.


Prices of all the Dragon licenses are listed in the Dragon web page: http://www.talete.mi.it/products/dragon_description.htm