About Dragon
Dragon licenses
License agreement
System requirements
How to buy Dragon
Dragon installation
Dragon registration
Getting started
Introducing Dragon
What's new in Dragon
Changes between Dragon 5.5 and Dragon 6.0
New features
New molecular descriptors
Novel blocks and sub-blocks
Changes in Dragon 5.5 blocks
Changes in Dragon 5.5 descriptors
Molecular descriptors no longer supported
Changes between Dragon 5.4 and Dragon 5.5
Changes between Dragon 5.3 and Dragon 5.4
Changes between Dragon 5.1 and Dragon 5.3
Changes between Dragon 3 and Dragon 5.1
Changes between dragonX 1.2 and dragonX 1.4
Changes between dragonX 1.0 and dragonX 1.2
Before you start
Why is a molecule rejected?
Structure files
Example molecules
More about molecular descriptors
How to cite Dragon
KNIME extension
Internal structure representation
Weighting schemes
Hydrogens and valence
Dragon graphical interface
Menu and tool bars
Menus in the main bar
Shortcuts in the tool bar
Working with basic menus
Load molecules
Molecule identifier
Select and calculate descriptors
Add external variables
How to import external variables
Format of the external variable file
View results
Export descriptors
Selection of the descriptors to be exported
How to save
Export options
Univariate statistics
Correlation analysis
Principal Component Analysis
Descriptor selection for PCA
Analysis of PCA results
Dragon chart options
Additional menus
Descriptor list
Status window
Structure view window
Dragon project
Working with templates
Crash recovery
Dragon command line interface
how to run Dragon with the command-line interface
edit the script file with Script wizard
Dragon script file
crash recovery with the command-line interface
Files created by Dragon
Output file
Project file
List of Dragon descriptors
Log file
Weighting scheme file
PCA results
Starting a new project
Basic calculation
Customized calculation
Addition of external variables
Selection of descriptors with potential modeling ability
Calculation and export of descriptor PCs
Dragon molecular descriptors

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