Descriptor list

By clicking 'Descriptor list' in the menu 'View', a window will open, which contains a list of Dragon molecular descriptors. The list contains symbols and short definitions of all the Dragon descriptors together with the block and sub-block to which they belong.


All the possible molecular descriptors calculated by Dragon will be shown in the list regardless of the specific selection of the atom weighting schemes. If one wishes to display information only about the molecular descriptors that were selected in the window 'Descriptor selection', then, the check box 'Show only selected descriptors' has to be checked.


A specific descriptor can be searched for by using the search device at the top right of the window. To get information on a descriptor of interest, simply insert its symbol or a text keyword in the text box. Alternatively, it can be searched for by selecting its block and sub-block from the drop-down lists.


A tabulated text file including information about Dragon molecular descriptors can be exported by clicking the button 'Save' at the top right of the window.