Crash recovery

If Dragon is incorrectly terminated (for example, due to a operative system crash) is anyway possible to recover and save some results from the interrupted session. The recovery utility tries to extract data from temporary files and builds a new Dragon project file (.drp) with the data that it recovered.


Every time Dragon is started, it checks for temporary files that could be recovered. If one or more temporary files are found, a dialog window is shown, asking to the user if he wants to start the recovery utility. The recovery utility shows the list of temporary files found, together with the date of each file. The user can select one (or more) file by clicking on its name, then two actions ca be performed by clicking the buttons:

'Recover selected file(s)': Dragon will try to recover the highlighted file(s), for each of them it will be required to select the new file name and path. If recovery operation succeed, a Dragon project file (.drp) with the given name and path will be created. The temporary file is then deleted.
'Delete selected file(s)': the highlighted file(s) will be deleted, and there will be no other chance to try to recover them.

Once closed the recovery utility, Dragon will start normally.